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Tree House shakers

Under The tangle

Conceived and Choreographed by
Emily Bunning

Costume Design:Patti Gilstrap
Set Design:
Ioannis Sochorakis
Dan Ozminkowski
Original Music:Martyn Axe


Trey Coates-Mitchell
Ashley Ervin
Katie Montoya
Miranda Noelle Wilson

Visually vibrant, Under the Tangle tells the story of a young orphaned girl lost in a mysterious wooded labyrinth. Throughout her journey, she twists along the maze finding numerous clues and meeting many unusual characters; a flock of whispering black birds, daunting labyrinth guards, and The Queen of the Lost who lives in the forbidding tower. Emily Bunning.

Under The Tangle

Under the Tangle tells a universal story through Dance and Dialog. I composed the music using Romanian Gypsy styles and rhythms, utilizing instruments such as Violins, Acoustic Guitars, Cimbalom, Accordion, Pan flute, Hand percussion, Voices and more. The story also travels to mystical places so I surrounded the ethnic instruments with sounds and sound effects to bring the audiences closer to this world. You can see live videos here.
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Under The Tangle Promo