I have coached thousands of singers for over 25 years from Broadway to Londons West End. Whilst living in London I was an adjunct professor for two years at the Royal Academy Of Music, teaching vocal technique, interpretation and performance. I know how to prepare and bring out the best in singers for their auditions and performances. In the USA I've held master classes with Broadway Across America, New York and London. I have coached classical singers, American Idol contestants and actor/dancers who are looking to find direction in the musical theater world.

I provide the following services:

1 Performance and song interpretation
2 Audition preparation
3 Resume building
4 Repertoire
5 Piano rehearsal tracks for practice and remote auditions
6 Group seasons for song interpretation and audition prep
7 Music prep for auditions including transpositions, 8/16/32 bar cuts

I work in person or by video (Zoom, Skype, FaceTime etc)

My rates are reasonable and based on ability to pay, which is common in the West End. Basically, if you are a full-time performer, then I charge standard market rates by the hour. If you are a student, or not in full time employment, we work on a scheme that enables you to have lessons until you find work.

Please email for more information and rates.